Roof ventilation is an important part of keeping your home cool in a hot climate.

Without some kind of ventilation, the air in the roof cavity will get extremely hot and this will transfer into the house below, making temperatures uncomfortable without air-conditioning. The trouble is that constant air-conditioning throughout the summer months comes with a high cost.

This problem can easily be fixed, reducing the cost of air conditioning and making the temperatures in the home much more comfortable, all without a great deal of cost.


Importance of e-vents

Colorbond roofs are made of steel and sun on steel makes heat, even when it is painted a light colour.  You will need to have insulation in the roof cavity, but this should be done for every home, not just those with metal roofs. However, even more than insulation is required to cool down the air, or rather, let the hot air escape. An e-vent is a special vent devised especially for steel roofs. It doesn’t just provide a hole for hot air to go out. It actually extracts the air using air convection and differential air pressure.

While the e-vent is a relatively new invention in its present form, the principle was first noted way back in the 18th century. It works by wind pressure that sucks the air out of the ceiling cavity, but it still works on a hot day without wind because hot air rises and creates a ‘stack effect’ or in other words, convection. Created by Ean McDonald especially for use with metal roofs, it has no moving parts and so there is no maintenance. It can be included in the roof structure and is barely visible from the outside. The e-vent is completely safe to use even in bushfire prone regions because the mesh ensures that sparks cannot enter – neither can leaves or vermin.

What else is there?

Flumes are another way to allow hot air to exit the ceiling cavity. These can also be seen on tiled roofs. They look like miniature chimneys covered with a pointy hat. Made in Zincalume, aluminium or Colorbond, flumes are available for metal roofs. The beauty of them is that you can choose one to match the colour of the roof, if you have a Colorbond roof.

Flumes and e-vents are both best fitted at the time of roof installation, however, they can also be fitted afterwards, so you don’t need to suffer hot temperatures or have that air-con pumping out cool air all day long.

We understand that many homes in hot areas such as Perth, WA need to have roof ventilation. We will be happy to come and fit an e-vent or flume to your home. Our company has had many years of experience and our staff are proud of their work, striving to do the best possible job at all times to make our customers happy. So give us a call; fitting roofing ventilation to your home will make all the difference to your comfort.