Benefits of COLORBOND

The Benefits of COLORBOND®

When choosing the right roofing products for your home there are several elements to consider.

For some people, not all the elements will be important, but they are still worthwhile thinking about, even if it is only to end up discarding them.

  • Price: Most people have a budget of some kind. Colorbond steel roofing has many benefits, but pricing is not necessarily one of them. Depending on your supplier and perhaps even the state you live in, a Colorbond roof may be more expensive than tiles. That said, the cost of labour will be less because it is so quick and easy to install. So what you lose on one you may gain on the other.
  • Aesthetics: There is no doubt that Colorbond® looks good with its straight, clean lines and fabulous colours. However, like everything, much depends on the taste of the individual. One person may think it doesn’t go with brick walls, while another will love it. It is important to view some finished homes to ensure you will like it. Sheets can be curved to suit certain styles of homes too.
  • Lifestyle: Many people long for the sound of rain on a ‘tin’ roof, especially if they experienced it in their childhood. You will hear rain on this type of roof, but during a heavy downpour you may not hear much else! That said, some people still love it. And often there is soft rain to enjoy, especially of a night.
  • Colour choice: No worries about colour choice here. With 22 colours ranging from light to dark the only problem may be which one you like best. This also makes it easy to find a colour that blends in with your walls.
  • Rainwater harvesting: Another benefit of this kind of roof is that it is ideal for rainwater harvesting. A tile roof will absorb a certain amount of rain before you get any run-off into your tank. Dirt and debris tend to stay on tiles longer, while they blow off metal roofing. So your harvest of rain will not only be more in quantity, but better in quality.
  • Bushfires: If you live in a bushfire prone area, a steel roof will not catch alight if an ember lands on it. You may think that tiles won’t either and this is true, but sparks tend to stay on a tile roof instead of blowing off due to the many niches it provides. And if dried leaves are stuck in the same niche, you know what will happen.
  • Durability: Everyone wants to know their roof will last for a long time, and rightly so. Bluescope Steel, makers of Colorbond roofing offers a 30-year guarantee against corrosion to the perforations (screw-holes) of their product. There is a 20-year warranty that the colour will not flake off. Even roofs with lower specifications  have been found to last much longer.

So if you are looking for a roof for a new home or want to do a re-roofing project, Colorbond® is a brand you can trust to give your home a strong, durable roof with many special benefits