The Many Colorbond® Roofing Benefits

Every homeowner wants to know that their home is secure, especially in stormy weather. Without a sturdy roof, you and your home are both at risk, not to mention all the home contains. If any part of the roof is breached, water will get into the house and cause considerable damage. If the whole roof should blow off, you stand to lose everything in it.

Colorbond® roofing is a popular choice for many homeowners ready to do a re-roofing project or build a new home as well as high-end builders and developers of project homes. It offers a sturdy material that is resistant to termites, embers, rain and even sun. The latter, because the surface is reflective and so offers certain insulation benefits that tiles may not, especially with the lighter colours.

Roofing or re-roofing with this material immediately adds to the value of your home, improves its looks and gives you a roof that is strong and sound. It gives the homeowner the ability to design a home that is unique, caters to their lifestyle and blends in with our Australian environment due to the many beautiful shades and colours available. In fact, there are more colours than any other comparable roofing material.

Colorbond® is very flexible fitting in with many different style of home and roofing designs. It can be curved to give a veranda that old-fashioned look that is new again. Mobile roll forming can be done onsite, giving lengths of up to 100 metres. Imagine how this will speed up the roofing process. It also eliminates the need for lap joints, again speeding up the process of building the roof.

It can be easily cut into different shapes to fit into all the different surfaces of the roof. Some roofing materials must be installed at a certain pitch that limits design to some extent. Colorbond® not so much. It can be lowered by one degree to give you the design you want.

Those people looking for green options will be happy to know that this type of roofing material is thermally efficient due to its reflective quality. Properly installed, it can reduce the need for constant air-conditioning during hot weather, thus making your home greener, not to mention reducing your costs.

It gives you a strong, durable roof that looks good and requires very little maintenance. Because the colour is baked on, any additional baking under our harsh Australian sun will not worry this type of roof at all. The paint does not chip, flake or crack, making it the perfect cover for your home.

Many people these days are turning to metal roofing, but unless you choose a metal product that is known for its long lasting durability and sturdiness, and is guaranteed, you may not get the same benefits. You get what you pay for and cheaper products are likely to disappoint you.

How does it compare with tiles? Being so small, tiles in the roof have many joins and so there is a greater possibility of one or more leaking. The trouble is leaks often go undetected until they have rotted out the battens and other timber frames, then the next thing you know the whole roof is likely to blow off. This is far less likely with a Colorbond® roof.