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Why Colorbond® is Ideal for Commercial Buildings

Increasingly, people are aware of the look of things.

While we have always wanted our homes to look nice, commercial buildings were not necessarily thought of in the same way, particularly if they were located out in some hidden industrial area.

But these days it is different; commercial buildings are expected to not only look nice, but have neat and tidy surroundings adorned with gardens or greenery of some kind.

Colorbond® is ideal for commercial buildings for many reasons: –

  • The same material can be used for the roof and for the walls.
  • It is light and strong, so minimal framework is necessary, certainly less than a heavier roofing or cladding material would require. This cuts costs.
  • When using Colorbond sheeting, the building will be quite cool, even if there are no inside walls and ceiling. This is because the steel sheeting reflects the sun’s rays – and if you choose a light colour then the effect is even better.
  • When conditions are comfortable, employees work better and the turnover is much reduced because they are happier, so your bottom line will benefit.
  • For project developers, a commercial building for lease that looks nice will always attract lessees who are eager to sign on the dotted line, so your building will not remain empty for long.
  • Because lessees like the look of the building and know it will be attractive to their customers, they will look after it better. A win-win situation.
  • Colorbond® is very strong, durable and low maintenance.
  • There are many attractive colours that will enhance the look of the industrial area. These have been specially designed to blend in with our Australian bush, thus enhancing the environment instead of detracting from it.
  • There are warranties of up to 30 years for the material.
  • It is quick and easy to install, thus cutting costs on the actual build time.
  • Matching gutters, downpipe and fascia are available so all aspects of the building will match.
  • The building can become a landmark, being an advertisement for the business in itself. When people find their way around by citing a specific building, it becomes very well-known and so does the business it houses.
  • Steel is less likely to be destroyed due to fire, so if bushfires are likely, or if the business includes flammables, it will be much safer.

All these reasons should be considered before the final choice of building materials is made. Generally speaking, people may favour the cheapest, but the initial cost is only part of the whole. When maintenance is low, ongoing costs will be reduced so it is likely to be a better deal. And when the look of a building actually attracts customers there a successful business is much more likely to be the result.

So whether it is a new project or a re-roofing project, it is for all these reasons that many commercial buildings are erected with Colorbond® and it is the choice of building material for many homes and commercial buildings as well as for roofs and feature walls in many other kinds of buildings.